Madison Square Garden: Knicks vs. Heat

I went to my first Knicks game last Thursday. The game was good, company was great but I need to have a few words with operations at Madison Square Garden (MSG - really?? MSG?). 

First of all, the entry into MSG is so chaotic! There isn’t a clear queue and the ticket check-in area is unmarked. I was completely confused as to where to check in and I even lost a competition! Secondly, where is the food? The experience of going to a basketball game begins and ends with the food. Garlic fries, chicken tenders, hot dogs, nachos. I think there was one food stand a level down from where I was sitting. Last but certainly not least, that place reeks. Nothing more needs to be said there. 

Despite MSG shortcomings, I still had a great time at the game. Fat Joe, Kanye West, Alicia Keys and my other celebrity friends were there. The crowd is great, and you can tell that they are true Knicks fans. I’ll definitely go to more Knicks games but nothing will ever top Oracle and my Warriors! 

Hilarious moment of the entire night…when Steph and I showed up in matching outfits:



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